Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Cambodia Temple Tour - Sept 2016

I'm back! 
There is never a good time for us to take a family vacation and we do make the most of living where we are and having wholesome recreational time as a family; however, I decided to bite the bullet and book us a trip. If we left Singapore unexpectedly next year, where is the one place I would've regretted not visiting? Cambodia, of course! 

Beaches are easy to come by, and we see many Asian influences in Singapore but the marvel of Angkor Wat is something I never in a zillion years thought I would get to explore up close. 

John working on a trip drives me crazy (and maybe him too), but with your own business it's somewhat the only way. And hey, who is lucky enough to work from a tuk tuk or an ancient temple? 

First glance at Angkor Wat - it was HOT!

This was like a scene from The Jungle Book, seeing the monkeys climb over this temple like a jungle gym. 

My camera fell out the tuktuk on the way to the temple and my go-to lens was smashed to pieces. I was SO upset and kept a face on all day - this is my "smile, be happy for the camera face". I was honestly so disappointed as all I wanted from this trip was a great personal photo of Angkor Wat for my photo wall and that didn't happen. I'm still sick to my stomach over it. 

 Can you believe these are honestly the best pictures we have. I know I should be super grateful we even got to go - and I am - but what a way to record such an occasion. Who knew it would be harder to get big kids to all smile and look forward for family photos? Bring back the 2 year old "cheeeese" face please! 

 Bayon Temple

Ta Prohm (Tomb Raider Temple) was our favourite. Angkor Wat was huge and a little underwhelming after all the walking and crowds, plus I couldn't get a good photo of it!!! Unfortunately this was the last temple on our route so we were tired, hungry and hot but it is an incredible temple to play hide and seek in. So many passageways, bundles of rocks and huge tree roots to climb over and run around in. It was also pretty empty and shaded. 

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